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  • Take sodium and potassium bicarbonate and a small amount of cysteine and taurine (one capsule a day).
  • Vitamin B2
  • Stop benzene intake
  • Remove nickel, salmonella, fasciolopsis buski and wheel bearing grease
  • Avoid coumarin, menadione and ASA

Bleeding can be stopped even when it comes from an old ulcer that never heals or an old tumor, or internal location that could never be located. Often the only telltale evidence is a slowly falling iron (serum iron) level in your blood test along with anemia. The causes are the same for all locations.

There are 2 parts to bleeding: a small wound that lets blood escape, and a clotting problem that doesn't let it stop. You can cure both parts in weeks.

At first, you may only have one part. You may only have very tiny wounds I call "bleeds". All cancer patients have many tiny tissue bleeds; the only evidence might be chronic anemia. Your body can still manage its tasks quite well, in spite of this. Or you may only have a clotting problem. Your body is busy repairing and healing all its tiny bleeds all of the time. This is hampered when the blood refuses to clot quickly as it should. The blood test shows a slightly too long "clotting time" in the PT and PTT tests. You might have visual evidence from blue or purple spots under the skin, places where you tend to bump yourself, the thighs, legs, arms, and the backs of your hands.

You can stop making the wounds and stop upsetting the clotting times; then you have cured the bleeding problem. But if you only take "blood boosters", or iron pills, or herbs that supply wound healers and clotting corrections, you have not cured it. You can get profound, quick help from these treatments but they are only treatments. Unless the causes are stopped, the problem worsens with time, even when it appears to be under control.

The clinical solution is to quickly constrict (make narrower) the tiny blood vessels so they can't pass much blood. Adrenalin is one such treatment for emergencies.

Small bleeds that let blood escape consist of very tiny tears. They develop where formic acid has accumulated. Formic acid is extremely harsh-it is the same substance ants inject when they bite you.

Imagine having a hundred such tiny injections. They might be too tiny to give you pain yet, but they give you blood loss. They are really due to benzene that you have been drinking and eating. Drinking benzene-water or eating benzene-coated food gives you dozens of miniscule bleeds.

The Syncrometer® finds that benzene has a special route for detoxification by your body that leads to formic acid production. When this happens in the stomach or lungs, these will be the main bleeding organs.

The body is quick to detoxify it, using its own sodium and potassium bicarbonate. But if more formic acid is made than your body's potassium and sodium can keep up with, and always at the same place, a bleeding ulcer is formed. Blood in the sputum or bowel is obvious enough to be found. But when it happens in your tissues they are almost never found. The Syncrometer'~ finds them by testing for free hemoglobin at the saliva or in an organ.

Remember that the body can make benzene naturally from the mycotoxin, zearalenone, made by the fungus, potato ring rot (preceded by Chaetomium fungus). So it is no surprise that a detoxifying pathway has evolved for benzene.
First, benzene is oxidized to phenol, a very harsh, tissue-killing substance (used in fumigators). You must have enough oxidizing power in your body to do this.

Next the phenol is broken down to wood alcohol, which is particularly bad for your eyes and pancreas.

Wood alcohol gets changed to formaldehyde, another very harsh tissue killing substance (used by undertakers).

Formaldehyde is then oxidized to formic acid, the ant sting substance. This pathway was found by Syncrometer in all cases of chronic bleeding.

You already know where the benzene comes from: your water, your food, pills, supplements, IV bottles, in fact, everything made with benzene water. The benzene in air is negligible compared to these sources.

After you stop them all, it only takes 5-10 days to stop bleeding. It takes 5 days to move the last batch of benzene you ate along the path to formic acid.

But to remove the formic acid requires another 5 days because the body may be very short of its own bicarbonates. It has been using them up constantly on formic acid detoxification, by making sodium formate and potassium formate. Losing these strong alkalizers constantly could lead to an acid condition and a craving for salty food and soda beverages.

Fortunately, the tears heal quickly. After five days the formic acid can all be combined and sent through the kidneys to the bladder.

If there isn't enough sodium or potassium bicarbonate available, the body tries to push the formic acid through the kidneys anyway. Of course, bleeding then develops in the kidneys. All this formic acid makes them much too acid, besides, so they are not able to excrete other things as well. Toxins are normally neutralized before they are excreted. Not doing this is bad for the kidneys.

By taking low doses of sodium and potassium bicarbonate steadily, you can relieve bleeding kidneys, intestines, lungs and ulcers in the stomach or esophagus in days, not weeks.

Just how long it takes to stop bleeding depends on how much of a backlog of benzene is still waiting its turn for detoxifying to formic acid. The speed of detoxifying benzene depends on liver enzymes, as well as cysteine, taurine, magnesium and vitamin B2. Speeding it up a lot only makes a bigger pool of formic acid at the end. Starting to take baking soda before speeding it up protects you from this. Patiently and steadily take the bicarbonates and a small amount of cysteine and taurine (one capsule a day).

In the same 5 to 10 days that you need to detoxify all the benzene in your body, you can cure your clotting problems.

The Clotting Problem

Vitamin K and coumarin play a role in bleeding.

The body has its own very complicated system of clotting quickly to stop bleeding. It uses calcium, thrombin, fibrin and many enzymes, all carefully regulated. There is also a complicated system of keeping your blood thin enough to flow well to prevent clotting! This is just as important. Vitamin K and coumarin play a role in these, as well as ordinary aspirin.

Vitamin K comes in different forms. The form that brings the clotting problem is called menadione. It slows down clotting. But it is not ordinary menadione. It is a "wrong form" of menadione. The Syncrometer shows that its polarization is different. It is south polarized instead of north, implying that it is a different "isomer" (form). Of course, the body can change it back to north but this requires removing the nickel and the Bacillus cereus and even the Salmonellas which cause this magnetic and allergic transformation. Nickel is stuck in your wheel bearing grease and constantly seeps out from here. The Bacillus comes from F. buski parasites, whose eggs are trapped in the grease, too. A sick organ cannot remove these without help. Then the organ sets off its alarm and makes PGE2 instead. And vitamin K, a precious substance, will be treated like a common allergy, adding inflammation to the organ instead.

As if that were not bad enough, we could decide to eat some wrong form menadione!

Menadione is found in food, especially in greens and grains of all kinds (see Food Table page 36). When the greens are freshly picked they are north polarized and do not contain the allergenic form of menadione. Similarly for grains. But, in a day, for greens and in a few weeks for grains, the harmful south pole kind of menadione is already being made. This is the allergenic form. If you are bleeding you should stop eating menadione in greens and grains that aren't perfectly fresh. Temporarily stop eating all greens and most grains till bleeding has stopped. Grains cannot be fresh, so stick to barley only, as cereal, till bleeding stops. Your first green could be bok choy, and first new cereal, farina, packed under nitrogen. Store it in your freezer to slow down its aging. Cream and dairy products, too, are suspect, and must be tested.

As you remove wheel bearing grease, with its trapped nickel and parasite eggs from your body, and kill F. buski with its Bacillus cereus and Salmonellas, the allergy problem gets smaller.

But even after bleeding has stopped and any purple patches on the hands and arms have shrunk, you should stay off menadione-containing foods. Wait till they are completely gone and stay gone before eating the customary greens-this time only fresh from the garden. Experiment slowly with grains to see if bleeding returns.

Coumarin slows down the clotting process, too. Coumarin has a wonderful "cut hay" aroma and comes from vanilla, clover honey, fragrant rice and even air fresheners. Your wise body makes PGE2 to fight it off. Again, you get inflammation wherever the coumarin accumulates. Coumarin is the lung antigen. Inflamed cells let in viruses, and with SV 40 lurking nearby, this lung could be the next metastasis.

Our most common cancer location, the lungs, have a tropism for coumarin, so lungs bleed extra easily.

Aspirin, called ASA, is naturally present in very many plants, (wintergreen and willow trees, for example, but also in foods). Surprisingly, it is present in very many canned foods, and in candies. It is in green beans and many fruits after cooking. Painkillers are particularly treacherous; their small amounts of ASA may not be mentioned on the label. Test them or ask your pharmacist. Find one without aspirin.

Avoiding coumarin, menadione, and ASA, while stopping all benzene in your food, has stopped every bleeding problem we have encountered. Stopping bleeding can be helped further with the Chinese herb, Yunnan Paiyao (see Sources). Getting a vitamin K shot sometimes helps. Bleeding in the stomach is helped by drinking the alginate-moose elm recipe (see page 559). But these are all minor "helps" compared to removing the causes: formic acid and the three food antigens. There is one more contributor.

Where the bleeding is happening decides which extra food allergy to suspect and test for*. That will be where the formic acid accumulates. That organ will be inflamed, from its own allergy and invites benzene and bacteria to land there. For example, D-mannitol is allergenic for rectum. Stop mannitol in the diet when there is bleeding of the rectum.

The clotting problem has developed independently of the benzene and formic acid problem. Tiny wounds from formic acid may be healing but the blood may still be much too thin from the clotting problem. It will still trickle through the healed wound sites when normal blood would not. So you cannot expect a cure till both problems are gone.

Heartburn is an early sign of benzene arriving in the stomach. In this case the phenol has already started to build up. Phenol will eventually turn into formic acid and produce pain and bleeding, although while you were younger and healthier it did not. The bleeding attracts streptococcus bacteria and soon pain will accompany bleeding. Antacids and soothing potions do not stop the relentless march toward bleeding, pain and ulcer formation. As the ulcer site loses its immune power, the other pieces of the cancer puzzle gradually arrive and one day give the dreaded diagnosis ... cancer of the stomach.

Hurry to eliminate all your sources of benzene and allergens. Your RBC can be 4.3 and HGB 13.0.

(from: "The Prevention of all Cancers", pp. 350-358; Copyright)

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