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...has never been known! In this book I will show you the true beginnings of all cancers.

Whether the cancer is in the form of a tumor or single cells, whether it is a sarcoma or carcinoma, whether it is "a very rare variety" or the most common, each one starts in the same place, one small region in the brain.

This information will make cancer much easier to prevent, to stop, and to cure.

All cancer starts in the same organ!

All cancers become malignant along a chain of events. The chain is always the same, except for details. The organ chosen is just a detail.

The cause of all malignancies is a common parasite, the human intestinal fluke. Its scientific name is Fasciolopsis buski. But it does not act alone. It acts together with 4 or more partners. The first two are polonium and cerium. These are a radioactive element and a lanthanide element. The participation of the fluke was first described in a book published in 1993. In this book its partners will be revealed. Each is essential to make a cancer and to keep it growing.

A fluke is very much like a leech. The adult sticks to one spot where it produces many thousands of eggs inside our bodies. Their attachment causes chronic minor bleeding, which later leads to anemia and pain.

This was never noticed before because it was not suspected and the eggs do not exit from the intestine. Commercial lab tests for parasitism search for eggs that have exited from the intestine.

You will actually be able to see your adult flukes later, when you succeed in killing them in your intestines, during the 2-Week Cancer-Curing Program. The disease we call cancer is not caused merely by the adult flukes. That is why Fasciolopsiasis does not accompany a cancer case. This is when many adults are present, shedding eggs into the bowel and feces. But sometimes a few adults happen to be in the digestive tract ... the esophagus, stomach, or colon. When they are killed and eliminated with the bowel contents, you have a chance to see them.



You will not be able to see the flukes that are in your tumor or the rest of your body because there is no way for them to be expelled into the toilet. Dead or alive, they are stuck in your tissues. In fact, if they are not promptly removed when you kill them they will cause "side-effects", commonly called "detoxification symptoms".

Tiny primitive animals go through many phases in their development, somewhat like insects, with their caterpillars and cocoons. These are called larval stages. They are not at all like their parent butterflies or beetles. All fluke stages are too soft and tiny to show up on any scan. But they can be found electronically and then seen physically.

Fluke stages are in the tissues, not the blood. They have gone unrecognized because only the blood is tested regularly, and the tests are chemical, not physical. Because biopsies are prepared by slicing the tissue very thinly, no slice of a parasite stage would ever be recognizable. A biologist could find them, though, by knowing where to search.

Parasites prefer to live packed into your tissues or bunched into stagnant places like vein valves or lymph vessel valves. Other blood rushes along too fast and is always patrolled by your immune system. Although a careful search of live blood would show a few of these larval stages, such a search is not a routine part of cancer research or clinical testing. Still, you may actually see an adult as you proceed through the 2-Week Program, sweeping it out as you are doing a liver cleanse.

Fig. 4 Miracidia hatching from egg on left

A liver cleanse is an ancient ritual in which no fat is eaten for a whole day followed by some herbs (now Epsom salts) to relax the bile ducts and a mixture of olive oil and citrus juice in the evening. This squeezes the bile ducts so a flood of bile is produced. This flood can dislodge and bring out stones that are forming and also parasites.

The presence of Fasciolopsis buski can cause production of a very potent growth stimulant, called orthophosphotyrosine or OPT. OPT is the hallmark of all our cancers. OPT is made when a radioactive element, polonium is present along with the lanthanide, cerium, and the DNA of F. buski itself. Even the DNA of bacteria of our own DNA can be attacked by the polonium-cerium partners to produce OPT.


Fig. 5 Miracidia
expelling "mother" redia

Fig. 6 "Mother"
redia bearing
"daughter" redia

Fig. 7 Cercaria

F. buski's surroundings would normally have both polonium and cerium. We, and all living things, are wading in radioactive elements and lanthanides. Cerium is part of our natural envirvonment, being quite abundant at the same places where the radioactive elements are.

Even parasitism is natural, though excessive parasitism is not. Our bodies begin to kill our parasites as soon as we get them, using powerful body weapons. But being trapped in our tissues the dead parasites invite Clostridium bacteria, which is a bacteria that lives in oxygen starved dying flesh. Isopropyl alcohol is produced by Clostridium bacteria. Animal waste is F. buski's normal habitat, namely the colon of animals and people. As soon as any flukes have been killed, Clostridium bacteria travel from the colon to devour their remains, they excrete isopropyl alcohol.

In people, isopropyl alcohol is provided by a lifestyle that uses it dozens of times each day, even contaminating our food.


Fig. 8 Life cycle of a fluke

So we have two sources of isopropyl alcohol: bacteria and popular products (food and bodycare products) . Isopropyl alcohol is very reactive, chemically, and easily attaches itself to any cerium nearby. Isopropyl alcohol can "hitch a ride" this way with the cerium to a place where they will all act together - our DNA. Logic might tell us that so much polonium, cerium, isopropyl alcohol, Clostridium bacteria and F. buski parasites, in people where much of the population has actual Fasciolopsiasis, should give all these people cancer. People in Asia and other tropical climates should be cancer-ridden. But they are not. The body has learned to make it very difficult for "buski" to make OPT in us... as if to protect us from ever getting cancer! What has gone wrong in the last 100 years? Why do we have a cancer epidemic?

Nature Is On Our Side

Nature is always on our side, protecting us in hundreds of ways. This is how our forebearers survived in the past ans why we are alive, today.

In Nature, if there are uranium phospate rocks belose us, there are dozens of radioactive elements coming up from the ground. When the uranium atoms break apart, the new pieces formed are radioactive, too, but are different elements now. At the same time the uranium atoms give off radiation. One of the newly created elements is radon, a gas. Gases rise and will come to the surface. If your house is located right above some uranium rocks the gas can enter through very tiny spaces and float through your home on the dust. Each new radioactive element will break apart again and again, making more new elements and new kinds of radiation. Radon by itself breaks apart into half a dozen other radioactive elements that we breathe in quite innocently. We do need protection from them and we do get it as we shall see.

Uranium is very reactive with phosphate. That is why they are found together in phosphate rocks. But the elements called lanthanides are very reactive with phosphates too, so they are found at the same places. Many lanthanides are made right there on site as uranium breaks down, again and again. Lanthanides also come up to the surface, riding on dust and gas bubbles. We, living on the surface, are wading in a huge "soup" of radioactive elements and lanthanide elements, mixing and reacting with each other. All the other elements, not radioactive, ride around on dust particles, too, mixing with the others. To make this clearer, see the Periodic Table of Elements.

Logic also asks how a huge parasite like Fasciolopsis could get close enough to our DNA to do any harm. After all our genes are safely stowed away inside chromosomes, which are inside the walls of the nucleus.

As humans we have grown up in this cauldron of swirling, reactive elements. It seems though, that Nature has learned to avoid cancer for all its creatures even though the 2 elements that could start it for each of them are all around us, Po and Ce.

A third element, Pm (promethium), is part of the drama, and it is this element that seems to start our cancer protection amidst all the cancer production.

In a cancer victim, Po is attached to Ce, but the Ce is attached to a chemical found in bleach! It is a cyanide chemical, added to protect the pipes! The new cyanide is next attached to an alkylating agent which appears to be the waste product left by Fasciolopsis buski. It makes alkylating agents, already known for 50 years to cause abundant mutations and cancers. It excretes them because it eats them! The whole body of a cancer patient is full of Po, Ce, the cyanide compound and alkylating agents just as we all are full of nitrogen gas, carbon dioxide and other free molecules from our environment. We all make some alkylating agents, too. They have a rather strong smell, as if mustard and onions plus garlic had been mixed. Our underarm perspiration is always trying to get rid of this "skunk oil" for us. But in cancer patients there are many more ONION, GARLIC and MUSTARD oils because the parasite adds to them. In fact, there are so many right beside the Fasciolopsis stages, that the sweat produced at the skin surface smells like sulfur.


A person without cancer has plenty of Po and Ce, too, because that is our lot on Planet Earth, but these are attached to promethium instead of to cyanides and alkylating agents. The Po is attached to Ce but the Ce is not attached to an ONION, GARLIC or MUSTARD oil coming from a buski parasite. They do not attach to any alkylating agent even though we make a great deal of them by eating onions, garlic and mustard, in the belief they are "good for us". We can sweat them out, but it is a slow process. Often our bodies keep these odors (and the chemicals responsible) for a day or more.

When Po and Ce are attached to Fasciolopsis buski DNA, or to its alkylating agents we see OPT appear quite suddenly.

My interpretation of this event is that it is produced as a mutation. This has not been proved. However, Po is known as a rather potent mutation causer especially of the large kind where chromosomes are completely broken into pieces. Cerium is known as a "site directing mutagen" (we will discuss this later). And alkylating agents are well known to cause extremely mutilating mutations .

Yet Nature has protected us. We cannot get cancer from Nature…although all the ingredients to make OPT are all about us and even within us. Polonium, cerium, and alkylating agents attach to each other in random combinations, yet only one of the many different combinations is ever found in cancer patients and is never found in healthy people. It will originate in only one place as we will see.

To start a cancer requires a very special order between all these partners. That order is not possible in Nature and healthy people…because Pm stands in the way. Pm has already combined with cerium, so the alkylating agents are excluded!

When your biopsy is studied it can easily tell which mutations are probably caused by the polonium. They are the huge "chromosomal aberrations" that cut the DNA right across, leaving large pieces to drift away or stick to other pieces, also cut in this way. But why is it always the same mutations in cases of cancer? Why do they always produce HCG, p53, bcl 2, CEA, CA 125 and many others we have read about over the years? This "site selection" for cancer mutations may be the role of cerium. Site selected mutation by lanthanides was discovered in 1995 and possibly earlier.

Fasciolopsis parasites and the radioactive polonium element plus cerium and the ferrocyanide pipe protector, and ONION-like alkylating agents combine to induce OPT, our main cancer marker.

I call this the cancer-complex. The huge cancer-complex produces many mutations besides OPT.

Seeing these chromosome breaks and the extra growth, namely very crowded cells, makes a mass appear malignant to a cytologist who looks at your biopsy. All cancer patients that I analyzed by Syncrometer® and who had already been diagnosed by an oncologist had both OPT and the F. buski fluke stages in the organ with the tumor. There were no exceptions among thousands! That is why OPT is my cancer marker. They also had polonium and cerium stuck together and then linked to F. buski through a ferrocyanide chemical and an alkylating agent. It would seem like a terribly unwieldy cancer-causer. But that will help us to undo it later, as we "cure" it.

It is very easy to stop this early malignancy just by killing this fluke and all its stages as we have done in the past. But now, 12 years later, we can also stop a very advanced malignancy almost as easily. By taking away a single part of the unwieldy cancer-complex we already can stop it. Your tumor cells will stop receiving OPT, their major stimulant. But we can do more. Tumors must have the things they need to grow; otherwise they must stop, regardless of stimulation. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is one. The stimulation of any radiation, particularly uranium, nearby constantly turns on DNA to make more of itself, but certain ingredients must still be provided. How could the tissues be so deluged in DNA that the Syncrometer® sees they are swamped? It is also being made by the same Clostridium bacteria that devour dead tissue and make isopropyl alcohol.

Clostridium bacteria provide isopropyl alcohol and DNA.

Clostridium produces DNA that is similar to our DNA. DNA flooding is not seen in the presence of other bacteria, like Staphylococcus (staph for short) or Streptococcus (strep for short). Its similarity to our DNA is a unique feature of Clostridium. It allows sharing. Killing all Clostridium colonies will stop providing the tumor with extra DNA to grow on. Meanwhile, the Syncrometer® sees that Clostridium, too, has become a hanger-on of cerium and will get pulled into your chromosomes. When Clostridium reaches the same destination as the rest of the complex it will add to the many mutations being made. Perhaps it will be "excessive DNA of the human kind". Each addition to the cancer-complex adds more and different mutations.

To cure the whole cancer very quickly, we could kill the fluke and its stages, as we did in earlier books. But we could also dislodge the whole cancer-complex. We will be helped by its clumsy construction. We will also be helped by the great water solubility of both polonium and cerium. Simple water could dismantle it and wash it out of you.

If the whole story of cancer causation seems much more complicated now than in the past, we can be consoled when we realize that the complexity makes it more vulnerable.

The whole curing program is much simpler and shorter now than in past programs. Its complexity allows it to be derailed in a single step…swamping.

But we will keep to our 2-Week Program because there are many more malignancies in your body than your oncologist found. We will be able to find them—but this time without x-rays or ultrasound or any other "scans"—only with "body wipes" that will be tested by Syncrometer®. We will be able to watch as we wash them (our malignancies!) out with hot water.

It is understandable now why an early (first occurrence) cancer could be cured so easily in earlier books. If any one of these clumsy cancer-complex pieces could be removed from the tumor, such as Po or Ce, the cyanide or the alkylating agent, and a Maintenance Program kept up for this, no more OPT could be made. It would be removed in hours. Killing the flukes removes the alkylating agents. Stopping the use of household bleach contaminated water stops those alkylating agents coming from automotive greases. Both motor oil and wheel bearing grease have mustard oil alkylating agents. The dinosaurs were probably eating the mustard oil alkylating agents. Removing all plastic and rubber would remove the Ce, as we will also see later. All these must be present to develop a cancer.

What was not understandable until recently was why Fasciolopsis was needed at all in this cancer-producing recipe. Surely, the polonium and various alkylating agents could produce enough cancer mutations by themselves, without a parasite. Yet, there is no cancer without the parasite. Evidently, a living force is required too!

One answer came when the Syncrometer® found the popular dye, methylene blue, in all chlorox-contaminated water. The dye had attached itself to Fasciolopsis, as a dye could be expected to do: dye something blue. But methylene blue is also an alkylating agent, in this case also dying our DNA. Then why aren’t cancer patients blue?

It was known 60 years ago or more that methylene blue is a unique dye, turning colorless, not blue, when a living organism got dyed by it. It is still used for such a purpose to detect living bacteria in milk, for example. It shows the surgeon where the tissue is alive, not dead. Again, it becomes colorless. Now it was obvious why killing the buski parasite immediately stopped the cancer. A stream of electrons, called reducing power, was coming from buski and was necessary to fuel the cancer-complex at its DNA connections. The real role of F. buski was finally found…as the source of energy to fuel cell division.

Then why not simply focus on killing F. buski?

Because there are so many! And they are given protection by radioactivity. Each parasite stage has its radioactive element attached. When a White Blood Cell attacks, its vitamin C is immediately destroyed. Now it can do nothing, not even attack bacteria and viruses. How radioactivity destroys vitamin C is not known. Why only organic vitamin C (complete with rutin and hesperidin) can win battles against radioactive bacteria and parasites is also not known.
Only removing the radioactivity from the body gives a realistic answer to our baffling parasitism.

(extracted from: "The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers", pages 31-45; Copyright notice)

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