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  • Don’t eat honey
  • Find a clean source of unchlorinated water
  • Remove radioactivity from your teeth
  • Don’t take aspirin (ASA)
  • Remove benzene
  • Do the parasite cleanse – for stomach ulcers with the black walnut capsules instead of the tincture
  • Remove Radon from house
  • Take Vitamin E , Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A sources.
  • Get more calcium by making soup with bones and add Hcl drops or vinegar

If you do nothing to cure it, and rely only on quick clinical treatments it will lead to transfusions. Then you will need the transfusions closer and closer together. You obviously need enough good red blood to supply the heart. The emergency will be heart failure. Start curing it as soon as you read this.

Stop eating honey. Honey is made of FRUCTOSE sugar. As cancer advances, you get allergic to fructose. In fact you get more and more allergic—to anything. Radioactivity makes this happen.

Radioactivity makes us allergic. The liver can’t digest fructose efficiently, as well as many other things, so they linger in your blood…where all your precious red blood cells are. Fructose is their allergen. They get inflamed from being given their allergen. “Inflamed” RBC’s let the “doorways” in their membranes stand open. Many things are now allowed in.
It is surprising that something so natural as honey could become an allergen. But what is unnatural is the excessive radioactivity in our bodies.

Soon the red blood cells burst because so much water and so many invaders have entered; the pressure on the inside gets too great. Red blood cells, by the million, can burst, giving you a steep drop in RBCs. Now there are fewer RBCs to carry oxygen to your cells; the heart and brain will suffer most.

Changing your water to be unchlorinated and changing dentures to non-radioactive will help most to stop these attacks on your RBCs.

Internal bleeding is another cause of anemia. Even a very tiny spot that bleeds chronically will cause anemia.

Stop eating Acetyl Salicylic Acid: It is the chemical name for aspirin. It causes very tiny “bleeds” anywhere and everywhere in your body. Choose a different painkiller; ask your pharmacist to read the ingredients of the common painkillers to you so you can choose those without aspirin. Also check the Food Table to make sure you are not eating ASA-foods every day. Many foods have it.

Possibly, the biggest cause of internal bleeding starts as benzene. As soon as you have switched your water to the NSF disinfected variety (free of chlorox) this cause will end and you should see the benefit on the next blood test report.

Stomach cancer is still another cause. Actual hemorrhage and sudden death is always an anxiety in stomach cancer. An old ulcer does not heal well here, not enough to be strong again. When your serum iron keeps slowly dropping you should have the stomach checked inside with a scope; it could be treated by cauterization to stop chronic bleeding. Make sure the serum iron is included in your blood tests.

A stomach cancer patient should avoid alcohol because this makes the stomach twist and turn. If alcohol causes pain in the stomach, do not use the Black Walnut Hull tincture. Use the freeze-dried form even though it is slightly less effective.

Parasites themselves cause bleeding. Wherever there is a parasite that attaches itself to you, like flukes, there is chronic bleeding. Bleeding invites the pain bacterium, Streptococcus pneumoniae. That is how we get our chronic widespread pain as we age. Killing parasites regularly and keeping a good digestion is the easiest solution.

The bleeding problem is made worse by lanthanides entering your house. They come in with dust particles along with radon and inhibit blood clotting.

Get more calcium to help your blood clot by adding bones to every soup and having soup nearly every day with 2 or 3 drops of hydrochloric acid or a teaspoon of safe vinegar (see Sources) added rather than taking supplements. Calcium requires acid in the stomach to dissolve. When there isn’t enough acid, bacteria grow and calcium will not dissolve. Then the calcium precipitates, mainly in the liver and kidneys. Calcium supplements are mostly contaminated with chlorox bleach and lead, besides. Check your liver enzymes (ALT and AST). If they are moderately elevated, such as 40 to 70 it is most likely due to lead in the liver. Lead in the liver is almost certainly due to a supplement (check your vitamin A, D, and calcium first). But it can only be found by Syncrometer® testing. Start using goat milk for vitamin D3, genuine butter and green vegetables for vitamin A, and the dyscrasia may soon disappear.

  • Do not put HCl or vinegar into a stainless steel saucepan; it will dissolve chromium from it. Add the acid drops after serving the soup complete with bones.
  • Ventilate your house from the ground up so the radon and lanthanides do not get in and fill your air. They travel so fast that they can be everywhere in seconds because they ride on dust particles. If you can light a match at the door and smell it upstairs in seconds, you can tell what path these earth elements are taking through your house.

There are 15 lanthanides that you inhale throughout the day. The less the better. They compete with your calcium so your blood can’t clot quickly. They land on your ATP so you have much less fuel to burn as energy. They land wherever a tissue is sticky, namely inflamed. They land on your thrombin and prothrombin so your blood can’t clot. Any little bruise or bump gives you a bluish spot under the skin where the blood leaked out of its vessels; it couldn’t clot quickly enough. It will help your anemia significantly not to get these bruises any more. You can watch your blood improve on your blood test. Ask for the PT (prothrombin time) test and get it closer to 100%.

To get further away from radon and lanthanides, move to a house without a below ground “level”. Put a fan in the crawlspace. Use radon-proofing techniques to keep out the lanthanides, too. Read about them on the Internet but do not believe the reassurances given.

Taking vitamin E makes the red blood cells’ membranes (skin) tougher, so they can’t burst so easily. Start with 100 units, not more, tested for chlorox.

All these tactics can help to reverse, namely cure, your anemia and avoid an emergency trip for a transfusion.

(From: "The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers", pages 455-45. Copyright notice)

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